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Generator Rex: Magazine.
А вы еще не забыли о Эгмонском журнале?

Скрины из жрунала одын два тры

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What is Generator Rex?
Five years prior to the series, a massive explosion released high concentrations of nanites into the atmosphere, infecting almost every living thing on Earth. These nanites may randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an E.V.O. (or "Exponentially Variegated Organism"). Though some E.V.O.s retain human-level intelligence, most go berserk and cause widespread destruction. An international organization known as Providence exists to combat the E.V.O. threat. 

Rex is a fifteen-year-old amnesiac teenager who is an E.V.O*. Unlike most E.V.O.s, he lacks physical deformation. He is also able to control his active nanites, allowing him to manifest a wide variety of bio-mechanical abilities and powers. However, Rex is truly unique because he has the power/ability to deactivate nanites inside other E.V.O.s, effectively curing them of their monstrous mutations. Working for Providence under Agent Six, Rex uses his unique abilities to stop and cure rampant E.V.O.s. His archenemy is Van Kleiss, an E.V.O. who hates Providence. He believes nanite mutations are a gift and should be utilized accordingly. Van Kleiss is connected not only to the Event which released the nanites, but to Rex himself.

The first issue will be available in January 2012.

Target group: Boys age 8 - 12 (with younger kids as secondary target group)
Format: 210 x 280 mm. 32 pages.
Comics: One Rex story, 10 pages comics.

Posters: Always one big pull-out poster.

Activities: Puzzles and activities.

Editorial: Illustrated facts about characters, monsters and cool machines. Pages are designed so that some are easily replaced with local ads, when feasible.

Reader's pages: 2 pages (produced locally) - there will be material to be used as fillers, for one or both of these pages, as warranted.

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1 Spider-sense   (08.04.2012 19:02:07)
Кстати, оказывается этот журнал начал выходить аж с осени 2011, прошлый источник маленько солгал.
О выходе в России все еще глухо

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